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For All Your Personal and Business Needs

We Edit Videos for Businesses, Companies big or small, we also work with content creators, You-tubers and videographers who may not have the time or expertise to edit their own videos. We are here to help!

We have been editing videos for the past 28 years and we know how to edit professional, engaging content based on your video concept. We can edit most any type of video content including videos for vlogs, travel, tutorials, cooking, real estate, beauty, and Multi-Camera productions.

When it comes to video editing our goal is to produce great quality videos, that your viewers may enjoy watching. As professional video editors, we always aim to make every video look as great as possible.

How We Work

  • Contact me before placing your order and give me a clear idea about "how you want your video edited.", this way I can create the exact video that you have in mind.

  • We will edit your video/s as per your instructions and make it more engaging through graphic titles, social media links or Call To Action!

  • You may ask for up to three (3) revisions if needed. Satisfaction is Guaranteed or your Money back.


of Videos Edited

We Fix ALL Footage Mistakes or Blunders

It is obvious that at the time of Recoding a message, going Live online or when making an Educational or Informative Video... mistakes are made, it's normal. It's the job of the video editor, to find the mistake made while recording the video and fix them on the Timeline one at a time. When we mean fix them, no one will ever know a mistake was made, they will see an entire flawless video.

We Fix Bad Audio

Without Good Audio the Video Message could be easily lost. Audio is 50% of your Video Message and Quality! It's very important that Good or Great Audio be recorded properly at the time of the filming.

We understand that at times the audio on video may be compromised for whatever reason. In such cases, we will do everything we can to save your Audio and fix it to the Best of our abilities.

We Make Your Videos Look Professional

One thing about us is that we know what a Professional Video should look like. It's true that not every video is shot with the level of professionalism required by the industry, but we believe that most any video can always be made to look and feel as professional as possible. Our goal is to work hard to make your video look The Best It Can Be!

How Our Video Editing Service Works

Contact us first,

And write a note of what you would like your video to look like when completed. (It's always helpful to see some of the Edited Videos you've done before), or simply find a video on youtube that has a similar look and concept you would like for your video.

Then, send us your Camera Footage through your Google drive (we personally use Google Drive) but you may use any other Video Cloud Drive you prefer, just make sure to give us access to download the footage on our editing computer.

We start Editing your Video as soon as we receive all the footage, logo and photos, ... or any other Elements you would like to see on your video. Keep in mind that every video has a story to tell, for that reason it would always help if you give us a basic idea as to how you would like your video edited, in what order, or what's the basic story you would like to tell through your video.

  • #1. How the video should begin (Opening Logo?, etc.)
  • #2. What happens in the middle (Basic Order or Story of your Video?)
  • #3. And how it should end (End Title, Call To Action?, etc.)

If you don't have an idea of the video clips order your Video should be. No worries. Let us know and we'll figure it out for ourselves based on our many years of 'video-storytelling' experience.

And that's it. We'll take care of the rest!

*When you hire us, you should expect a realistic editing quick turn-around of 14 Days (two weeks) but that depends on:

a) The Faster you provide us with the Video Camera Footage, and ALL The ELEMENTS required, the faster we can start editing.

b) The Length of Your Video (longer videos take more time to edit),

c) Amount of 'Color Correction' the video may require,

d) How many Audio fixes your video may need.

*All the above may delay the editing process of most any video.

We will always strive to make your videos look amazing! to the Best of our abilities!

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