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Build Your Own Business Office Studio

Have you ever dreamed of having your own Home or Office Video Studio?

We help you create a Portable or Permanent professional cost-effective Home/Office Video Streaming Studio.​

1. We help you with what Camera/s to acquire depending on your specific need,

2. Do you need a One, Two or Three Camera Live Streaming Studio?

3. We also help you Design a Pro-Lighting Setup,

4. We also suggest the best / cost-effective Video Switcher for your Multi-Cam studio.

5. And we set you up with the Best Digital Audio Sound set-up for your studio.

6. Or you may need a Pro Green Screen Studio setup instead.

7. Do you need a Professional Videographer On-Location to help you Film Your Videos? (U.S. nationwide only).

We are here to help!

We have been filming, designing and building small home/office video studios for the past 15 years. In fact, we often times also help set-up quick 'One Day' or 'One Time' Portable Studios when clients require it, we even send you a Video Crew to help you set-it up and film Your Video/s!

Contact Us Today to set up and Appointment!

Our Multi-Camera Packages

In our Multi-Camera package, we are able to provide a Two, Three or Four Multi-Camera Production Packages, with a Video Switcher, and Audio Mixer (when required).

We also provide a Basic Training Video, to go with your Camera / Lighting package.


of Videos Edited

The Soft Video Lights

Lighting is key to having a great quality Video Image. Depending on your specific needs, we will be able to provide you with a 3 or 4 Point Lighting for your home or office studio.

The Audio Mixer

Without Good Audio the Video Message could be easily lost. Audio is 50% of your Video Production Quality! So it's very important that Good or Great Audio be recorded properly at the time of the Multi-Camera Recording. But we understand that at times some of the audio on video may be compromised for whatever reason. In such cases, we will do everything possible to save your Audio and fix it to the Best of our abilities.

We Also Provide Portable Green Screen Techniques

Not every Green Screen video is shot with the level of excellence and professionalism that's required, but we believe that most any Green Screen Set-Up; with proper background and lighting, should always look and feel as professional as possible. Our goal is to help companies large or small train their team or videographer on how to provide the best Green Screen set-up on location, so their video content looks as Professional as possible when it goes live or pre-recorded on Social Media.

How Our Video Streaming Service Works

We look forward to helping you setup your Home Office Video Studio for your Next Multi-Camera Event!

Contact us first, fill out our Contact Form or Email us to: of what your next Multi-Camera Event to see some of the Edited Video you've done before, or simply find a video on youtube that has as similar concept you would like for your video. Then you send us your Camera Footage through Google drive or some other Video Cloud you prefer, just make sure to give us access to download the footage on our end. And We begin to the Edit your Video as soon as we receive all the footage, photos or any other Elements you would like to see on your video. Every video has a story, tells us how the video begins, that happens in the middle and how it will end. And that's it. We will take it from there!

Bottom line, when you hire us, we will promise a quick turn-around, and Fix and Work on making your video as engaging as possible. We also help you upload your video to Youtube when needed and give you some Marketing Video Tips that will help your intended target find you online. Wether they search Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

We will always strive to make your videos look amazing, to the Best of our abilities!

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